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Jim Moore

Jim Moore

Alexandria, VA


I'm a former contract photographer with Gamma-Liaison Agency.

Got my first experiences in photography in the very late 1950s from my artist mother and photo-loving dad, who encouraged me to put my work out there. Won my first prize in photography in 1963, for a picture of a brandy snifter with Christmas lights behind it. Never looked back. Gained my professional photo legs starting as a teenager shooting for the Northern Virginia Sun, back in the mid-'60s, when Rolleis, Pentaxes, Leicas, and Nikons (and the occasional Hasse) ranged the landscape. During and after college I was the photo editor for the Longmont, Colorado, Times-Call. At the time, the most demanding piece I shot was the crash of the Wichita State football team plane in the Rockies in 1970. I moved back to Washington, DC, in the early 1970s, and began freelancing for Gamma-Liaison. My format of choice was 35mm, but I also shot with Hasselblads and larger format cameras. For many years, I enjoyed the darkroom wonders of black and white large-format work, considering anything under 16X20 to be too small to be interesting--but, came to love it all. By the late '70s and '80s I was fortunate to have been published in a wide variety of national and international publications, with the help and support of a great many wonderful editors and colleagues.

I took a break from full-time agency shooting in the mid-1980s to be a dad who actually came home at reasonable hours and spent weekends with my children. Now, with the kids grown and on their own, it's time to reenergize the shooting eyes and become immersed in the wonderful world of photography again.

I hope you like my gallery.


Distant Memories by Jim Moore


Fresh From The Earth by Jim Moore


Blowing In The AC Wind by Jim Moore


Morning on Memorial Bridge by Jim Moore


Stop by Jim Moore


Rainy Rack by Jim Moore


Washington Monument on a Rainy Rush Hour by Jim Moore


Ever-Upward by Jim Moore


Hot Dogs by Jim Moore


Spectrum Thrill-Ride by Jim Moore


Commuter's Sunset by Jim Moore


Dune Fence Me In by Jim Moore


Retirement Bliss by Jim Moore


Alone at Last by Jim Moore


Optic Swoosh by Jim Moore


Summer Portal by Jim Moore


Air Force Memorial by Jim Moore


City Hall at GWU by Jim Moore


Staunton Cityscape by Jim Moore


Paneful Glory by Jim Moore


Wheeee by Jim Moore


Liberty by Jim Moore


Old Friends by Jim Moore


Midway Blues by Jim Moore


A Beautiful Day in DC by Jim Moore


Victory atop 1st Division Monument by Jim Moore


Sweet Potatoes at the Farmers' Market by Jim Moore


Spring Onions by Jim Moore


Standing Strong by Jim Moore


Springtime in Lafayette Square by Jim Moore


Welcome to Our Friend Across the Pond by Jim Moore


Pollinator in Blue by Jim Moore


Victory atop 1st Division Monument by Jim Moore


Deep In Blue by Jim Moore


Flutterby Fungi by Jim Moore


FungiFan by Jim Moore


WWII Memorial at Dawn by Jim Moore


Delicate Folds by Jim Moore


Bully Cat by Jim Moore


Executive Mansion at Rest by Jim Moore


Saguaro and Catalina Mountains by Jim Moore


Black and White Capitol by Jim Moore


Last Ray of Sun by Jim Moore


Flower Assault by Jim Moore


Abandoned Cider Mill by Jim Moore


Fountain and Monument by Jim Moore


The Lincoln Memorial and Reflecting Pool by Jim Moore


Reflecting Pool and Ducks by Jim Moore